Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Central Sun

I breath in your hair oh my beloved thought
I stare to the far north..hoping to catch a glimpse of your tiny spectacle
I look up to the sky, hoping to see you sitting at the pedestal to thee I have accorded
I hold out my hand and imagine mine clasping yours
I look up to the trees and imagine the magnificence of your look
I chose to believe that someday shall it be
I refuse to let the idea of perfection slid through the narrow perception of far-city
I think of you, I dream of you, I'm inspired by you, I believe in you.

I reflect and curse the tongue that us separates
I refuse to be caught in that hurdle
I work and work at mastering the far western tongue
I aspire to have a flowing converse, taking in your beautiful dialect
I constantly imagine crossing that conversational bridge
I see myself on thee side of the bridge
Holding you and dancing to the universal human language
Singing and dancing to the tune of love

I long for thee, my central sun
I embrace the grace of your land for harbouring ye love
I long for thee philosophical inspiration
I open up my tentacles to thee I embrace

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